Getting Salesforce Certified – Tips and Tricks

The most common question I get asked is ‘how did you get all of your certifications?’, ‘how do I get Salesforce certified?’ or ‘what is your secret?’. As I have crafted these responses over time, I realized that writing up a series of tips could be beneficial for the ever expanding Salesforce ecosystem. So, over the coming weeks, I will be posting several articles going into the tips and tricks that I have used to get certified, and that I have been recommending to people I mentor.

My Top 5 Tips

  1. Book your certification.
  2. Understand the study guides.
  3. Understand the certification questions (and their motivation).
  4. It’s okay to fail.
  5. The Salesforce Ohana.

Another question that I get frequently is ‘can you share certification dumps?’, or some other variation of that. I don’t have any certification dumps, nor would I share them since it is against Salesforce’s policies. Beyond that, memorizing answers to a test is not a very beneficial way to advance your career. If you pass an exam, solely due to memorization of questions, you probably don’t have the necessary skills. A Salesforce certification implies a certain level of experience. So if you are able to get a job based on those certifications, you may struggle to actually deliver in that role.

There are lots of better resources for people wanting to get Salesforce certified. There are practice exams available from a variety of online sources. Those are a great way to gauge your knowledge, and get a good feel for the types of questions and the way they are asked. The same applies to some online slide decks. Use them as a way to get a feel for the exam, but be wary of the answers as they are often incorrect.

The best resource available is Trailhead. Salesforce has invested heavily into their online training platform, and using Trailhead is a great way to get hands-on practice with concepts, features and capabilities. There is no replacement for that real world experience.

Stay tuned to the upcoming posts. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to add them below.

I am a 24x Salesforce certified consultant. I am passionate about Salesforce, and I enjoy the friendly ecosystem that is filled with talented, intelligent professionals.
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