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Salesforce Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is Coming

Starting on February 1, 2022, Salesforce is requiring multi-factor authentication on all Salesforce products. If your org doesn’t already have this feature enabled, you will need to configure and test this before that date. If you’re unfamiliar with MFA, we’re here to help. What is Salesforce Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)? Multi-Factor Authentication is a security measure […]

How to Prepare for Salesforce Certification Exams

Attesting your Salesforce knowledge with the corresponding certification is an eventual step to finalize lingering hours of training and learning the platform. In this article, we will go through the types of certificates, clarify why investing money and resources in obtaining one is beneficial, and answer lots of frequently asked questions regarding this issue. Moreover, […]

Salesforce Adoption in Manufacturing is Key to Creating Efficient Processes to Scale

Manufacturers are undergoing a digital transformation to keep pace with competitors. The challenge they face is that many still rely on legacy systems to operate their production model. Due to these outdated processes, valuable information is maintained in silos, costing businesses more money and preventing efficient customer demand forecasting. The realities of a transforming industry […]

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