Certification Tip #1 – Book your Certification

Schedule your certification now! This is my very first piece of advice for anyone seeking a certification. I have heard from the vast majority of people that they are planning on taking X certification. If I ask when, the answer is almost always a vague future date (probably next month, before the end of the quarter, once I feel prepared). Those nebulous dates, although well intentioned, rarely get met.

I followed that same path when I was planning my first certification. I intended on taking my Pardot consultant certification, but wanted to feel ready before scheduling. Two months passed without scheduling the test, and with minimal study and preparation. So it came time to make a change. I scheduled my exam 6 weeks in the future.

Investing the money and setting that intention is key to driving your success. Having a date on my calendar drove me to study. Knowing that I had already spent the money, and I had a deadline, took away the ability to make excuses.

If you are currently planning on getting a new Salesforce certification, go to WebAssessor and book your test. You can book certifications very far in advance, so even if it is 16+ weeks away, set your intention and book it now. You will find that it takes away your excuses and drives you to study and prepare.

Once you have your certification scheduled, set aside time to study. If you are like me, then put the time on your calendar so you have some accountability and a reminder. I set aside 45-60 minutes a night before bed. That was a common time for me to read or relax, so I was able to turn that into dedicated study time. Consistency is the goal here, not just cramming information. An hour a day for several weeks is a great way to gather and also retain that knowledge.

Follow the blog to read the additional certification tips that will be coming.

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