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The Salesforce Architect exams each come with a resource guide, which includes helpful links for each section of the exam. I have found those incredibly useful in my study. Resource guides don’t currently exist for the standard exams, so I have compiled content into a series of resource guides. This is the Field Service Lightning Consultant resource guide.

The Field Service Lightning Consultant certification focuses on your knowledge of the Field Service Lightning platform, it’s object model, capabilities, and administration of key features. The scope of this exam is small, so study on a select set of materials is all you need. I found that this was one of the easier certifications to get.

Understanding the Tests

As I mentioned in a previous post, understanding the intention and structure of the exams is key to passing. Salesforce provides a study guide for every certification test. In those guides, they provide a breakdown of the different sections and their relative weight. Take note of those while studying.


Topic Weighting # of Questions
Manage Work Order 32% 19
Manage Scheduling & Optimization 28% 17
Configure Mobility 17% 10
Configure Contracts, Entitlements, and Warranties 8% 5
Manage Case 7% 4
Manage Assets 5% 3
Manage Inventory 3% 2


The majority of the content in this exam comes from the Field Service Lightning implementation guide. Spend time actually understanding the capabilities and configuration options. I’ve broken out the sections below. One item of note, the terms used in Field Service Lightning are common field service terms, and may map to a different term in Salesforce. In FSL, the label ‘Parts’ corresponds to ‘Products’. Take the time to understand the differences in labels.









  • Given business requirements, determine price book model in relation to products
  • Given business requirements, determine principles to support applicable inventory model

Ready for the Exam?

Book your exam now, even before you start studying. There’s no better way to drive you to study than booking your exam.

For this exam, you really just need to read through the documentation and understand what the platform can do, and what configuration is required for the common use cases.. If you have questions during your exam preparation, please feel free to reach out. I’ll do my best to respond with some help and guidance.

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4 thoughts on “Field Service Lightning Consultant Resource Guide

  1. Chris, just curious which 3-4 certifications come to you as the easiest to pass (you mentioned here Field Service Lightning) and which 3-4 were the hardest (you mentioned Marketing Cloud)?

    1. The hardest to pass for me were:

      1. Identity and Access Management Designer
      2. Marketing Cloud Consultant
      3. Integration Architecture Designer

      The easiest to pass for me were:

      1. Pardot Specialist
      2. Community Cloud Consultant
      3. Nonprofit Cloud Consultant

      The ones that were easy for me were because of extensive experience in those areas. I’ve heard from others that the ones I listed as difficult are commonly thought to be some of the toughest exams.

  2. Thank you Chris for your quick response.
    It sounds like the System Architect path is a lot harder than the Application Architect (2 of the hardest were listed there).
    As for the easiest, can you expand a little bit? Nonprofit/ Education Cloud consultant is not one I was considering. Thank you.

    1. Yes, the System Architect path is harder than Application Architect. It requires deeper knowledge of off-platform concepts, which means more study and preparation.

      Nonprofit Cloud and Education Cloud consultant were easy for me because I had done work in both of those areas. The same applied to Pardot. Which certifications are the easiest tends to vary greatly person to person. I wouldn’t say those are necessarily easier tests, I just had a good foundational knowledge thanks to project work.

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