Mason Frank’s Independent Salesforce Salary Survey — Have Your Say!

Now in its sixth year, the Mason Frank Salary Survey is the largest independent exploration of salaries, benefits, and market trends in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Thousands of Salesforce professionals, partners, and customers have contributed to Mason Frank’s survey over the years, with the eventual report segmenting its findings by location, technology, job role, and even experience level.

With the data being made up of a mixture of self-reported information from the Salesforce community, and from actual job placements made by Mason Frank in the last 12 months, there may not be a more reliable way of benchmarking your career against the industry standard.

What’s more, completing the survey will set you up with a chance to win $500 in Amazon vouchers, not to mention a first look at the report when it’s eventually published in November ahead of Dreamforce ’19.

The last year has been an eventful one for Salesforce, with new strategic partnerships, improved integration of Salesforce Einstein across core products, and the acquisition of business data giant Tableau. It’ll be interesting to find out what the community expects from Salesforce going forward and how working habits have changed over the last 12 months.

Here are just a few of the things I’m looking forward to finding out from the salary survey:

Which products are in demand?

Salesforce’s ‘Customer 360’ initiative is encouraging organizations to use Salesforce for all their business functions, with visibility and integration of data being simpler than ever. I wonder if there’s been a major uptake in any of the core Salesforce products as a result of this.

In Mason Frank’s 2018-19 survey, Marketing Cloud was predicted to be the product most in demand from clients this year, but it’s hard to see past Sales Cloud in terms of the most-popular core product — it’s dominating the CRM market!

Certifications — who, what, how?

Mason Frank’s last survey revealed that around 77% of Salesforce professionals hold at least one Salesforce certification — the first Salesforce Admin cert was held by 70% of all certified pros.

With the popularity of Salesforce technology ever increasing, I wonder if we’ll see some of these Admins converting to a Developer role, and in turn see the number of Certified Platform I Developers (23%) creep up.

How does that impact earning potential?

Of course, Salesforce professionals don’t go through the hard work of getting certified for the good of their health — they want to see a positive impact on their earning potential.

Mason Frank’s last survey found that 39% of respondents reported a salary increase after getting certified, and given that the difference in salary between a junior- and mid-level Admin was found to be around $10,000, this could prove significant for you fledgling pros.

This is why it’s so important you take the survey — so we can get the most-accurate and largest range of data to give a true account of Salesforce working culture.

We as the Salesforce community have a duty to support each other, and sharing your views could change someone’s career for the better.

Win a $500 Amazon Gift Card by taking the Mason Frank Survey
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