Platform Developer II Superbadges

The Platform Developer II certification focuses on your ability to design, develop, test, and deploy programmatic solutions that are maintainable and re-usable and follow design patterns and object-oriented programming best practices. This certification comes in two parts; a multiple choice exam, and a series of Trailhead superbadges.

Platform Developer II Path

Due to the combination of a test with real world coding, this is one of my favorite exams. It requires much more time to achieve, but is a good indicator of your capabilities. This post covers the Platform Developer II superbadges.


The superbadges are well documented and will guide you well.

Some important points to consider:

  1. For all of these superbadges, create a BRAND NEW trailhead org. The customization is heavy, so you can easily run into errors when reusing an org.
  2. Make sure to follow the directions and naming conventions exactly. This is important when you set up your objects and triggers.
  3. If you get stuck, look on the Salesforce Developer Forum or Salesforce Stack Exchange for answers. Many of the specific error messages or issues are referenced there.


This superbadge focuses on automating the support and maintenance requests of the HowWeRoll RV business. You’ll need to automate the maintenance requests, synchronize the inventory management, and achieve adequate code coverage.


This superbadge is a great way to learn the process and mechanisms behind integration. You are asked to help Round Hole and Square Peg to integrate their systems and pass data. This includes 2 external systems.


This superbadge requires you to create several Lightning components, and the framework to pass information back and forth. I didn’t have much Lightning development experience before diving into this badge, so it was a great learning experience.


This is the hardest of the 4 badges, and requires that you complete the other 3 before this becomes available. This one focuses on Classic rather than Lightning, but dives deeper into development concepts. Prepare to dedicate some time to building out the code.


There’s no time like the present to start working on the Trailhead superbadges. You can gain the real world experience to take your development skills to the next level. The required modules will give you hands-on experience and are the best way to learn. I completed the first three superbadges before I took my multiple choice exam. I took the exam before the final superbadge, so you could do the same.

If you have questions during your exam preparation, please feel free to reach out. I’ll do my best to respond with some help and guidance.

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5 thoughts on “Platform Developer II Superbadges

  1. Hi Chris,

    This is Jaya. I’ve been preparing for PD2 certification, and I couldn’t able to find this super badge in trailhead. “lightning framework component specialist”. Is this super badge not required anymore for getting PD2 certification?? I can’t find any answer about this in any of the forums.

    Any help from your side will be appreciated. Thanks!

  2. Hi Chris, I followed the same approach as you did. I appeared for the exam before I completed the last superbadge, can you please confirm how long did it take for you to receive your credential/certificate?

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